I knelt in an insect nest

Sex on the beach is hot right, how about sex on the beach PLUS a rash. That's what I was left with after a liaison with a not so sexy champion from Manchester. I won't name names because, to be honest, I don't remember. We met at a bar in Phi Phi, Thailand. I was … Continue reading I knelt in an insect nest


Ode to the nipple

We've got two and they're great, no not boobs, nipples. Nipples are for me one of the most under-rated erogenous zones. Aside from the clit herself, there is no other part of my body that can get me zero to wet as quickly as my nipples. Sucked, licked, bitten, blown on, tickled god do anything … Continue reading Ode to the nipple

What’s anal got to do with it?

It's 2017 and the sexual revolution has come and gone. We've embraced same-sex marriage, LGBTQ issues are at the forefront of society - yet when it comes to heterosexual females, anal comes with judgement. Why is it, that the thought of going in that hole brings so much extra baggage? Judgement from the guy you … Continue reading What’s anal got to do with it?

He stopped mid-fuck and started…crying

How did this actually happen to me? This was a few years back; picture the scene; We're shagging on his single bed; in his house that he shared with his whole family - including his nan (don't get me started, I was going through a rebound off the back of a 5 year relationship that … Continue reading He stopped mid-fuck and started…crying