Fuck Feelings, they’re the worst drug

Feelings suck.

They really do, I wish I didn’t have feelings it would make life so much better and much more bearable.

For 2017 after yet another crap relationship I decided to ‘FUCK FEELINGS’ and it’s been going pretty well.

Then I started liking someone, who liked someone else and I just happened to live with both of them.

Pretending you don’t care when a couple share an ice cream like it’s foreplay in front of you, is hard.

But it’s part of life and accepting that you can’t control someone else’s feelings is one of the hardest things we have to face.

Most people never do it. They say they do, but they don’t.

How many times have you heard someone whine about a person not liking them? For falling out of love with them?

No-one can control their feelings, so why are they a dick for not reciprocating yours? Maybe you’re a dick for getting attached to someone who is not interested.

We end up placing anger and blame on the very person we claim to want more than just friendship with and we see it as their fault that they don’t like you back rather than just thinking, OK they’re not interested that’s up to them.

Why the fuck is it someone else’s problem that you have feelings for them and can’t accept you won’t get what you want.

Feelings are fucking shit, but people are too.

If I get a crush on someone and they’re interested in someone else then I need to grow the fuck up and respect that. It isn’t their problem to sort out, they don’t have a problem – I do.

But we don’t, do we? We turn that humiliation we feel into hate and start calling each other ‘pricks’ ‘twats’ ‘psycho’ etc.

Even if they do like you, it doesn’t get much better.

You are scared of losing them, you get jealous, you become irrational. It’s exhausting.

I spent three years in love with someone I consciously said ‘I don’t want to love this person but I do’.

Why hasn’t anyone cured feelings yet?

They make us immature and childish and embarrassing

Fuck feelings, because they have a lot of hurt and damage to answer for.


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