What’s anal got to do with it?

It’s 2017 and the sexual revolution has come and gone.

We’ve embraced same-sex marriage, LGBTQ issues are at the forefront of society – yet when it comes to heterosexual females, anal comes with judgement.

Why is it, that the thought of going in that hole brings so much extra baggage?

Judgement from the guy you do it with, judgement from your friends. Don’t even mention you might be a fan to even open-minded parents because it is still a taboo, still a fetish and not something “nice girls” do.

Every hole might be a goal for guys, but if you’re a girl admitting to enjoying that will risk ruining your reputation.

This might seem something ridiculous to worry about, but let’s face it, however far we’ve come as a society a reputation as sexually experimental could be irrevocably damaging to your career and social life, two things most people whether they like it or not value immensely.

If I found out Karen from accounts liked anal I wouldn’t care, but you bet Steve, Pete, Dave etc the posse of men would make smutty comments for the rest of their god damn lives and the uptight office busybody Sophie would have some snide remark to make at a completely inappropriate moment.

“Karen’s late today, probably up last night taking it up the ass.”

That might be a simplified version, but we all know that scenario. And it’s ridiculous that it still exists.

This is wholly based on the reaction from people I know when they hear I enjoy anal.

The immediate shock subsides to judgement. Then disbelief.

“Really? You can’t enjoy that?” followed by, “I find that disrespectful, a man’s never going to marry you if you’re doing that.”

So I can get on my knees and suck someone off and still expect a ring, but god forbid they venture slightly down to a different hole because that means I’ve then lost my membership to the uptight-heterosexual-female-club.

The double standard from people who will wax lyrically about the need for equal rights for all sexual orientations, but view me negatively because anal is on the menu, is one of the many everyday hypocrisies rife in modern society.

I’m not going to stop doing it, I just don’t tell so many people.

But I can’t wait for the day where an honest conversation includes anal as just another position and not some decision that reflects your self-respect and personality as a whole.


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