Ode to the nipple

We’ve got two and they’re great, no not boobs, nipples.

Nipples are for me one of the most under-rated erogenous zones.

Aside from the clit herself, there is no other part of my body that can get me zero to wet as quickly as my nipples.

Sucked, licked, bitten, blown on, tickled god do anything to them it drives me crazy.

Yet, you don’t really hear that much about that.

Why aren’t nipples bigger? Yes, there’s the ‘ooooh you can see her nips through her top’ or the infamous nip slip, but why does it not come up more that nipples are like two northern clits attached to each breast?

Maybe not everyone loves getting their nips sucked as much as me, but surely I’m not the only one?

Or maybe certain people feel the same about the biting of the ear lobes or kissing the neck?

Nipplists unite, is it good for you too?


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