He stopped mid-fuck and started…crying

How did this actually happen to me?

This was a few years back; picture the scene; We’re shagging on his single bed; in his house that he shared with his whole family – including his nan (don’t get me started, I was going through a rebound off the back of a 5 year relationship that had finally come to a dead end) …

So we’re at it, I don’t remember the position at the time but knowing him it was probably missionary … One minute we’re full flow, next we’re sitting on his floor. I remember this clear as day as it pretty much scarred me for life;

He leaned back against his bed and started CRYING. Actually sobbing and saying “I just can’t keep up, you want sex all the time”.

Probably the worst time to bring up such a subject. I looked at him and thought “this is done. This is the least sexy thing a man could ever do – I’m never fucking you again”.

He still tries to contact me through facebook to this day – no, no; not today or ever! Big boys don’t cry.


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