I just sat on his face…

Most of the time fucking a younger guy is great.

I’m a total advocate for the couger.

22-year-old’s are great in between relationships, just for shagging.

They just seem uncomplicated, fun, appreciative and have loads of energy in comparison. Guys of the same age are either worried you’re going to trick them into getting married, getting a mortgage and getting pregnant – or want to do it for you.

While I’ve had many awesome times with 22-year-olds, it’s not always amazing.

After a painful break-up I slept with a dough-eyed, tall, brown-haired 22-year-old. He had just graduated from university and was full of hope and wonderment. So cute.

We fucked and it was awful. He was like a deer in the head lights and just kept telling me how awesome my body was, which first time was lovely, but second, third, fourth.. and he began freaking out more and more.

Realising he was WAY out of his depth, which he was, and naked made him shut down and I thought he was going to have a panic attack. He looked terrified. I had to coach him through it. Thank god he came quickly.

We weren’t even doing anything that complicated, missionary then I got on top.

We had sex on two separate occasions – I thought I’d give him another chance – and the second time was worse. I think I just abandoned it mid fuck.

All I really wanted was to be eaten out, so I sat on his face. He seemed horrified. I don’t think anyone had ever done that to him before.

I felt genuinely bad for him after. I wanted him to have a good time, but, clearly, I was too much. I told him he was great and hot and tried to smooth things over.

That’s the other thing about 22-year-old’s, if you get the wrong one, who hasn’t had much sexual experience, it can be like fucking a virgin again and as a late twenty-something you’ve kind of forgotten the horror of that.

I let him down gently after that, telling him I wasn’t over my ex, which was true.

It actually made me get back in touch with my ex as I was worried I would never have good sex again.

He ignored me every time I saw him after but, did loudly tell people near me that he was staying at his girlfriend’s that night.



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