He bit my tampon

This guy I had an on-off relationship with used to love fucking girls on their periods. I wasn’t so keen, especially on day one. I feel shit, I’m bloated, I don’t won’t blood everywhere. But I do get mega horny on my period, so I’m not adverse to third day sex.

This time I think it was day two and he was really horny. I wasn’t as much, but we still got naked and were fooling around. He started going down on me, but I was like ‘you know I’m on don’t go too far’.

So he starts and he does go too far and then I have a moment of horror when I realise my tampon is being pulled out. And I’m like ‘what the fuck are you doing?’.

He panics and springs off the bed: ‘I thought I’d pull your tampon out with my teeth and it would be hot, but it’s not’.

No shit.

I’m now sitting up with half a bloodied tampon hanging out of me. So I make him turn round as I remove it and wrapping it in some tissue, head to the bathroom to deal with.

I got back and he’s watching YouTube. Tshirt on. We didn’t have sex again that night. I think it scared him for life.


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