He stopped mid-fuck and started…crying

How did this actually happen to me? This was a few years back; picture the scene; We're shagging on his single bed; in his house that he shared with his whole family - including his nan (don't get me started, I was going through a rebound off the back of a 5 year relationship that … Continue reading He stopped mid-fuck and started…crying


He bit my tampon

This guy I had an on-off relationship with used to love fucking girls on their periods. I wasn't so keen, especially on day one. I feel shit, I'm bloated, I don't won't blood everywhere. But I do get mega horny on my period, so I'm not adverse to third day sex. This time I think … Continue reading He bit my tampon

I just sat on his face…

Most of the time fucking a younger guy is great. I'm a total advocate for the couger. 22-year-old's are great in between relationships, just for shagging. They just seem uncomplicated, fun, appreciative and have loads of energy in comparison. Guys of the same age are either worried you're going to trick them into getting married, … Continue reading I just sat on his face…